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As a professional Headhunter, TopCareer focus on the management of senior talents by senior consultants. With the good judgment and rich experience in the field, we can ensure the successful search for senior talents for our customers. We maintain a good relationship with the senior personnel involved in the following professional area extensively: 
And other area including human resources business

Position Area
Position Area
Senior Technical Manager Search
Chief Technology Officer, Director of Research and Development, Project Director, Manager of Hardware Development, Manager of Software Development, Consultant of Senior System Implementation, Personnel for Senior Software Test/Development...  
Search for Senior Management Personnel
CEO, General Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Information Officer ...
Search for Senior Marketing Personnel
Director of Sales, Director of Market, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Regional Manager, Channel Manager, Products Manager...
Search for Senior Human Resources Manager
Director of Human Resources, Manager of Human Resources, Manager of compensation and benefit...
Search for Senior Financial Personnel
Chief Financial Officer, Financial Manager, Investment and Treasury Manager...

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